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Data Protection Consultancy Services for SMEs (GDPR/PECR)

Figuring out how best to comply with data protection regulations, including the GDPR, PECR and Data Protection Act can be a daunting task, especially for businesses with fewer resources at their disposal.

Regardless of whether it is due to budget restraints, limited in-house knowledge or even just a lack of time, SMEs across the UK often find that they are inadvertently breaching data protection regulations.

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Our GDPR Consultancy Services have been developed specifically to meet the needs of smaller businesses.

Small business owners are putting themselves at risk; not only of receiving some serious financial penalties but also of facing criminal prosecution.

They include all the resources and expert consultant attention necessary to help companies navigate the complex world of data protection.

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Our services:

Setup - GDPR Consultancy services

Before suggesting that your business makes any changes, your consultant will conduct a data protection compliance assessment, covering the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), the Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulation (PECR) and the Uk Data Protection Acts. This involves building a detailed map of your existing practices, IT systems, technologies and physical security mechanisms in order to determine how adequately they meet the requirements of all the data protection regulations relevant to your business.

After completing the initial assessment, your consultant will then carry out a comprehensive audit of all the personal data that your company processes. This will reveal any data protection “red flags” within your current ways of working which put you in danger of breaching. Our experienced specialists know exactly what questions to ask and which areas to investigate, allowing you to feel confident that nothing has been overlooked.

Any business seeking to achieve compliance with data protection including GDPR must ensure that they have the appropriate policies in place and that they implement these policies effectively and consistently. At Univate, we appreciate that this can prove quite overwhelming for SMEs who do not have access to support from an in-house legal team. Therefore, as a part of our GDPR consultancy services, we offer our own Compliance Advisors who are equipped to help you review, rewrite and enforce all the policies necessary to make sure that your business operates in accordance with all of the data protection regulations.

More firms are receiving enforcement’s from the Information Commissioner under PECR which is equally as important as GDPR and the UK Data Protection Act 2018 is just as important.

Our basic package

Perfect for small organisations
Up to 4 employees
Very little personal data processing
No special category processing

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Our standard package

Perfect for small to medium organisations
From 5 to 25 employees
Typical amount of personal data processing
Very little special category processing

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Our premium package

Perfect for medium to 
large organisations
From 26 to 100 employees
Large amount of personal 
data processing
Some Processing of 
special category data
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Our professional package

Perfect for 
larger organisations
Unlimited employees
Unlimited processing 
of personal data
Unlimited processing of 
special category data
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Internal support and maintenance - GDPR Consultancy services:

Our GDPR Consultancy Services aim to help you stay in control of your business. This is why our GDPR consultants offer training sessions on the practical application of data protection so that your company and its staff can go on to operate with as much independence as possible.

These sessions can be tailored to your specific requirements to avoid time being wasted unnecessarily.

In the face of high-profile scandals and media scaremongering – which you can see on our news page – (in addition to constant change in how the law is interpreted), the need for businesses to maintain healthy relationships with their customers is becoming increasingly important.

At TDWico, we are acutely aware of this fact, so include access licenses to an award-winning CRM system as part of our consultancy services if that’s something you require.

External support - GDPR Consultancy services:

Even after exercising proper due diligence, anyone can end up the victim of a data breach. Whether it is the result of an unavoidable accident, or due to an attack from cybercriminals, Univate’s consultancy packages provide businesses with 24/7 incident support to help you respond to a breach correctly and manage any impacts efficiently.

At Univate, the services we offer go beyond those immediately required by smaller companies. This allows you to future-proof your business, giving it room to expand whilst remaining confident its changing demands can be met.

Univate are ready to grow alongside you by helping you develop the new skills needed to tackle fresh challenges and continue operating in compliance with data protection legislation.

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