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Protecting your business & the data it processes as your GDPR Data Protection Officer

We’re not just GDPR consultants, we are an expert DPO as a service that will put your mind at ease, knowing your business is in safe hands being protected and your data is secure.

Every business is different. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to data protection, which means you need a team with knowledge of everything covered under the GDPR, alongside all of the other data protection regulations that could affect you.

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Appointing TDWICO as your outsourced Data Protection Officer is your first step towards compliance.

Our DPO as a service is practical and cost-effective. By outsourcing this role to us, you will strengthen your compliance without the risk, cost or resource drain of appointing your own officer.

We’re not just focussed on GDPR. We cover all the regulations that affect you so you can rest assured that you will be fully equipped to meet regulatory standards, avoid heavy penalties and stay away from the bad publicity of non-compliance.

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Our Services

We will provide compliant policies and tailor these to your business, these include, privacy policy, cookie policy, information security policy.

If you have international offices we also help implement codes of practice to enable a harmonised approach with the regulations.

We will ensure that The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), Privacy in Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) and the Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018 is monitored within your organisation.

We provide annual staff training to the appropriate level in line with their duties within the organisation.

If you have international offices or staff outside of the UK we will also provide training to them, as required.

We can help you with your supplier management framework ensuring it is compliant and provide you with a data sharing protocol.

We will conduct annual internal audits and provide feedback and manageable action plans.

We will conduct an assessment on your existing processes and provide you with bespoke solutions to ensure they comply with the regulations.

GDPR compliant Customer Relationship management system, this includes tools to assist with managing customer data.

Full compliance plan will be provided as a result of our DPO as a service, with deadlines and actions ensuring your business is on the road to compliance.

Contract reviews and amendments in terms of the data protection regulations helping you protect your businesses and personal data.

Unlimited consultant time, we are here when you need us.

If you would prefer to consult us hourly, please contact us as we will be able to provide a bespoke quote to suit your requirements

Data breach, we will handle any data breaches with the ICO, including an internal investigation and establish whether is will be reportable and offer responses to relevant parties.

Subject Access Requests and the right to be forgotten, we will assist your organisation with these queries, ensuring they conform to the regulations.

If you have international offices we will support your teams around the globe with any compliance needs and training of staff.

If you encounter a breach notification and it is out of hours, you can still contact your data protection officer (DPO) on their mobile phone.

No matter what time it may be, we are here to support you – another benefit of our DPO as a service.

Our DPO as a service carries out data protection impact assessments (DPIA) to establish any risk could be inherited from a new process and assist with minimising those risks.

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What is a data protection officer?

The ICO state that Data Protection Officers are independent experts in data protection, reporting directly to the highest management level.

Which makes DPO’s a significant part of every organisation. Independent is a key word here, as it’s a requirement of the role to ensure there isn’t a conflict of interest between the DPO and their role within the organisation.

For example, appointing someone from within a marketing team as a DPO could provide a conflict as they will actively market to people external to the business. Ideally the appointed DPO Service officer wouldn’t be in a customer facing role, and could provide an objective view on the processing of data.

This is why many businesses look into DPO services. Within many small businesses, they can’t afford to split an employee’s role between their original position and the new DPO role, plus there’s the expense of ensuring this employee is trained to a high standard.

Outsourced DPO services provide all of the knowledge your business needs to operate within the law without reallocating any resources and take the responsibility of every element required by the ICO away from you.

DPO as a service - Requirements & Duties

The main requirements and duties of a DPO is to monitor internal compliance, provide advice to senior management and relevant parties about their data protection obligations, look into Data Protection Impact Assessments, and be the main point of contact for anyone outside of the organisation, such as data subjects during access requests and supervisory bodies like the ICO.

The role of outsourced DPO services is incredibly important. With the DPO reporting directly to the Managing Director or CEO, there is a responsibility to ensure the company is protected at all times.

Their main requirements involve:

Ensuring that data controllers and subjects are aware of how the business processes their data at every touch point, whether they interact with you online or physically. A DPO will take it upon themselves to ensure steps are in place that raise awareness of the obligations and steps that have been taken as a result, ensure that the business is compliant at every point.

Be a source of knowledge for the business when it comes to data protection, providing information and interpretations of the latest regulation changes and rules. This helps the business remain compliant, planning for future changes and avoiding having to react.

Be accountable for all aspects of compliance, knowing all of the channels of information flow with steps in place to protect data.

Advise and monitor data protection impact assessments. Data Protection Impact Assessments (or DPIA’s) involve a process of identifying and minimising the risks within a business. They involve the process of looking at the nature, scope, context and purpose of processing, compliance measures, assessing the risks to individuals, and then identifying ways to mitigate the risks posed.

Be the first point of contact for all individuals involved in the process, including employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

Outsourced DPO Services

For many businesses, as we outlined earlier, appointing a DPO can be a challenge if given to an existing employee. Assuming this employee doesn’t present a conflict of interest, their role must remain as such meaning they can’t take on any extra work that might challenge this.

It’s for this reason that many businesses choose Data Protection Officer Services, as opposed to hiring an existing employee.

When choosing a data protection specialist such as ourselves, an important consideration is that the outsourced DPO must have the same position, tasks and duties as an internal DPO.

As we’ve experienced working with many clients, we know exactly how to initiate this process. This ensures our data protection officers are fully integrated within your business.

Benefits of DPO as a Service

When hiring an outsourced DPO you can be assured of their knowledge and expertise in data protection, which can be implemented as soon as the DPO is hired.

This results in much faster compliance and puts the minds of senior management at ease immediately.

The costs of DPO services is also much lower than many businesses think it would be, and far outweighs the cost of hiring someone full time. Starting from just £140/month.

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